Sunday, May 21, 2006

What are people saying about Shifting Shadows?

“In today’s spiritual climate, vast shades of gray seem to over power the well defined boundaries previously called black and white. The need of the hour is for discernment. True discernment restores boundaries, dispels fear and creates a safe environment where authentic spiritual experiences can flourish. Julia Loren comes to our aid in her must-read book Shifting Shadows of Spiritual Power by re-establishing proper guidelines for those in spiritual quest.”

James W. Goll
Cofounder of Encounters Network
Author of The Seer, Dream Language and The Lost Art of Intercession

"I have known Julia Loren for 20+ years as pastor, friend, and fellow pilgrim. I’ve watched her grow in wisdom, understanding, and that most useful of spiritual gifts—discernment. What she writes is always worth reading. She will frustrate some because she asks too many questions and provides too few answers. I guess that’s the journalist in her. But she will make you think. She is one of those Jesus-followers who is not in lockstep with the latest fad, but who is willing to listen for the voice of the Master and help tune others’ ears to hear Him."
Ed Cook, Senior Pastor
Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Seattle
Seattle, Washington



Kris Vallottan, Associate Pastor and Prophet,
Bethel Church, Redding
"My first encounter with Julia Loren was praying prophetically for her at a Randy Clark Healing School that was held at our church. I did not know her at the time. I prayed prophetically that she would be used to write about the things God had put in her heart. Also, that she would write about the new wine God was going to be pouring out in these days. From that encounter a great friendship has developed and I began to see the great prophetic and writing gifts that God had placed in her. I was privileged to teach with her and I highly recommend this great book. Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power, allows Julia’s experience and discernment to shine forth. This book will help as God pours out His supernatural power in these last days."
Dan Hammer
Senior Pastor of Sonrise Chapel
Founder of Northwest New Wine Network
Everett, Washington