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Power sources...Authentic Power & Charlatans

[The following are excerpts from the book Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power.]

Discerning the Source of Supernatural Power

Discerning the source, or origin, of supernatural displays of power is not difficult. Anyone moving in revelatory, supernatural power will become like the one they behold. The more surrendered a person becomes to the source of the power, the more purely it reveals itself. …

There are specific marks that characterize the origins or source of supernatural power expressed through individuals. Richard Foster, details seven marks of God’s authentic power in his book The Challenge of the Disciplined Life. They include: love, humility, restraint, joy, vulnerability, submission, and freedom from control.

Power that Originates in the Soul

The problem with power that originates in the soul—tainted with undealt with emotions, memories, and traumas—is that it gets in the way of hearing the true voice of the Lord. John Sandford speaks about this jamming of our wavelengths in the Elijah Task: “God will never speak falsely but because of who we are we will hear wrongly…both flesh and satan attack one who draws near to God. Few of us enjoy the honeymoon of God’s love long before the flesh and the enemy begins to jam our wavelengths.”

Releasing God’s Authentic Power

Our challenge and responsibility is not to move in power but to move in the presence of God…to walk in intimate relationship with the one who releases His anointing through us. We become like the one we behold and worship. By seeking to draw closer to the God of power we become increasingly more like Him. The marks of power that come from God are also reflections of His nature. The more we seek the God of authentic power, the purer His anointing will flow through us. The more we seek the god of self and occult power, the more fragmented our personalities and lives are destined to become.

Abuses of Power

According to Bill Johnson, author and pastor of Bethel Church, too many people are embarrassed over the abuses of power rather than the lack of power moving through their own lives to build the Kingdom of God. He believes that critics are often justifying their own lack of pursuing the gifts of the Spirit and obeying Jesus’ command to heal the sick, raise the dead, and make disciples of all nations in the process of speaking forth the Word of God with accompanying signs of the power of God.

Johnson writes in his book, When Heaven Invades Earth: “When I see others who have pursued great things in God but have failed, I get motivated to pick up where they left off. The abuses of one person never justify the neglect of another. Many of those who are embarrassed over the abuses of power, and the subsequent blemishes on the Church, are seldom offended over the absence of signs and wonders. The eyes of the critics quickly move to the ones who tried and failed overlooking the countless millions who confess salvation in Jesus, but never pursue the gifts as commanded. But the eyes of Jesus quickly look to see if there is faith on the earth—When I return will I find faith on the earth? For every charlatan there are a thousand good citizens who accomplish little or nothing for the Kingdom.”

Shifting Shadows of Complacency

[The following is an excerpt from the book Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power.]

As we move into the close of this age and a coming showdown between counterfeit power brokers and God’s power brokers on a mass scale, complacency endangers the outcome for many. Demonstrations of God’s authentic power can only come from a heart that is wholly surrendered to Him, confident in His compassion and ability to heal.

Complacency is an erosion of faith, the remnants of a bonfire of passion that dwindled to mere embers of desire. It is a controlled, passionless relationship with the Father of Life. Complacency is the ultimate victory of satan’s scheme against all Christians. It means that you have shifted your gaze off of the Lord and pulled the shadows of past doubt and despair, woundings and failures, like a blanket over your head. Rather than taking refuge in the presence of the King, you have colluded with the enemy’s desire to draw you into his realm of passion—that of robbing you of the fullness of life, the abundant life the Father of Life has promised.

Elijah’s task was to call the people of God out of their complacency. That was part of the reason for the showdown at Mt. Carmel. And as soon as they stepped out of that place of colluding with the dark powers of their age, they turned and fought against the darkness. The prophets of Baal lay slain on the battlefield at the hands of God’s people. The principalities and powers of this age have already been overcome by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are condemned to victory. And each one has a specific invitation to join in the work of the Father, to inherit the Kingdom, and to slay the powers of darkness around us. But first, we must step out of the shifting shadows of complacency and back toward the bonfire of God’s love. Authentic marks of the power of God are rooted in His love. All other counterfeit power pales in comparison.

From Sorcerer to Prophet

[The following is an excerpt from the book Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power.]

Ian Clayton, a New Zealand prophet and father of four, is a man who found himself seemingly chosen by the demonic realm to become a great occult leader. Yet God had other plans, shifting the shadows of power aside to reveal Himself and lead Ian into an entirely different realm of grace. His story illustrates the powers of the occult as well as the ability of light to overcome the darkness in an individual’s life, shifting them out of the shadows until they enter into authentic power and supernatural experiences initiated by the Holy Spirit.

Psychics claim that the ability to see and move in the supernatural is often inherited and can trace the lineage of relatives who moved in psychic power for generations past. In Ian’s case, the generational lines seemed to offer two distinct destinies for Ian’s spiritual gifts. On his mother’s side of the family is a line of Jewish and Christian believers. One great grandfather was counted among the original Quakers in Africa. During the mid-1800s, another great grandfather experienced the Welch revival.

His father’s side of the family was exactly the opposite. His father was the head of the spiritualist church in Africa. His family lineage included free masons, Rosicrucian’s, and those with claims to other occult involvement.

It wasn’t long before the two warring destinies manifested in Ian’s life as power reached out and touched him at an early age. As a child, Ian would see visions of Jesus and angels. Eventually, his father took him to the spiritualist church and things began to change. The dark side aggressively pursued Ian, shifted him into the shadows, and lured him into the occult.

At age 12, his growing awareness of God led him to the Bible and he started reading it from the beginning. Halfway through Deuteronomy he decided that it was full of rules and regulations and didn’t want anything to do with it. Just as he shut the Bible he heard a voice say, “Put your hand on top of table and pick table up.” Ian put his hand flat on the table top and it rose, sideways off the floor.

“It was an amazing power rush,” Ian explained. “Suddenly, I walked in power.”
Spirits started materializing at night and taught Ian how to do things such as astral travel and psychic healing, pendulum diagnosis, use of herbs in healing and in gaining power, and the power of demons in the spirit world. As the lessons continued, people grew frightened of Ian’s power. Many would talk about the headaches they got after being around him—headaches Ian attributes to the demonic resonance of the spirit force around his life. Meanwhile, signs and wonders manifested in Ian’s life much to his surprise and others’ shock.

“I would put my hand out and it would go into the wall—not up against it,” he said. By age 17, Ian was frightened of his own power and turned into an introvert attempting to shelter himself from others because of the phenomena that would occur.

The power then transitioned him into deeper realms of a supernatural world. “A generational sentinel appeared as a jaguar then became a man who taught me for a year about issues of sorcery and how to make and destroy things,” Ian said. “I thought I would use this power for the good of others without realizing the source was evil and would actually release demons into their lives. I didn’t know this until I was born again.”

According to Ian, the spirits taught him to become a psychic healer and he would lay hands on a body and take out the bits that were diseased. He could heal and he could kill with the same power that resided within him. “The moment I touched their flesh they submitted to the demon in my life. When I got angry at somebody I would release spirits and the people either were killed or became sick. At one point, my father got sick and my mother ended up in hospital because of my cursing them.”

Eventually, Ian met a woman who would become his wife and she gradually grew accustomed to the strange nocturnal visitations Ian received from spirits, believing that Ian’s spiritual giftedness was destined to help many people. However, one of her college instructors challenged her beliefs during an after-class discussion when he opened the Bible and read a Scripture about consulting with demons being an abomination to God. Near the end of the discussion, he invited them over to his house for a barbecue.

She brought the Bible home to Ian and everything inside of him reacted. One night the sentinel appeared to him and tried to dissuade him from attending the dinner. But something else, some other part of his family lineage, drew him closer to the source of authentic power and his ultimate destiny.

They attended the dinner and adjourned to another room for worship and Bible study. “Suddenly, this thing came through the roof and descended into the room. It was so beyond what I had ever seen. As this cloud came down into the room I wanted to get away and ended up on the floor. I looked at this girl’s face of abandoned love worshiping this thing that came into the room and realized that what I wanted all my life was to be loved, not used. As soon as she stopped worshiping the cloud left.”

His girlfriend accepted the Lord and began weeping as she felt God healing her body and her emotions. Ian then asked Jesus into his life. The small group of believers went to Ian’s house to pray over the rooms and cleanse it from the demonic. They also encouraged him to throw away all his occult objects. “They said to me, ‘You’ve confessed Jesus as Savior now you need to confess Him as your Lord.’ The moment I did that it felt like a sword went right into my heart and I began to see the death, destruction, chaos, and all that what was using me; and I sat on the floor and wept.

“For me to get free I had to own what I had done. Satan knew that if I came into my destiny as a son of God, I would become his worst nightmare.”

It took time for Ian to disentangle from demonic influences and power. His salvation initiated a two-year process of healing and deliverance in his life. The last thing to go was the sentinel—smaller demons were easily cast out. “I realized that the sentinel was an imitation of the Holy Spirit, a trespasser who had no right to come in and teach me and shut my life down,” Ian said.

“When I got delivered, the inside of my heart tore as I felt it claw its way out. Afterward, for the first time since age 12, the grass was green. I heard the birds singing and the sky was blue. The deliverance began a hatred of anything to do with the demonic.”

Over the years, Ian grew in his faith and in the ability to discern the shifting shadows of power that infiltrate society. His openness to the spiritual realm enabled him to readily recognize the authentic power of the Holy Spirit—power characterized by life rather than destruction—and experience the supernatural Kingdom of God.

Rather than initiating astral travel as he learned to do through the help of spirit guides, he walks with the Father of Light and His son, Jesus Christ, discovering new realms of Heaven and insights into the supernatural. Rather than wallowing in depression and anger, he is a joyful person, full of light and exuberant with life. Rather than being a servant of the demonic, he is a servant of the Lord with a growing international reputation as a prophet who not only understands the spirit realm but teaches others how to access the power of God and enter the revelatory realms of God’s Kingdom—rather than access the revelation of the occult.

Ian Clayton is a man who has experienced not only the counterfeit powers of satan, but authentic power of God. Everything he had done through occult power he has also experienced through authentic power…and more. He believes that when Jesus Christ told his disciples that they will accomplish greater works and miracles than He, it should be taken literally. Christians operating in the authentic power of the Holy Spirit, can heal the sick, raise the dead, walk on water, dematerialize and walk through a crowd (or walls for that matter), see into both the realm of Heaven and satan’s dominion, and take authority over all of the enemy’s work. Having walked on both sides of the fence, Ian believes that God’s authentic power is greater. He is a New Creation Power Broker experiencing things most Christians cannot imagine—fourth dimension miracles that transcend our current knowledge of the laws of physics.

Preface & Table of Contents

Shifting Shadows of Supernatural PowerPreface

The shifting shadows blurring the lines between light and darkness, good and evil, are creating a twilight zone of spiritual awareness, especially in North America. It results in confusion and apathy on one hand, or an inordinate desire for power at the other extreme. These shadows lead many to call evil “good” and good “evil” not only in society but within the walls of many churches. We must chase the shadows of confusion out of our minds.

Unless we purpose to dwell in the realms of God’s glory—His love and light—we will easily be led astray into shifting shadows of loyalty and fail to reflect His magnificent radiance. He is the light that overcomes the darkness. In Him there is no shifting shadow, no shadow of turning. The intent of this book is to reveal the realms of God’s glory and power increasing on the earth today. It is an increase that heralds the end of darkness, the end of the dark lord’s power, and the beginning of the brilliant, majestic beauty of the second coming of Christ.

This book contains interviews and excerpts from many well-known prophetic voices who call people to step out of the shifting shadows of loyalties and into a passionate pursuit of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, His glory and the power inherent in His kingdom. It is a call to take your place in the plan unfolding…a plan that heralds the close of this age.

By the end of the book, you will discover a measure of discernment about the origins of revelatory and supernatural spiritual power and the shadows of deception in the world and in the church, to equip you to receive and express the fullness of the kingdom of God. It is an unabashed attempt to move you into a greater measure of faith and power so you will stand in the fullness of awe, captivated by God’s passionate love. Then, as bearers of light, the shadows will flee before you and the showdown of the clash of powers to come at the end of the age will give way to the eternal joys of His Kingdom come.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Graham Cooke


Chapter 1 The House of Shifting Shadows

Chapter 2 Shifting Shadows of Power

Chapter 3 Revelatory Power of Psychics and Mediums

Chapter 4 Revelatory Power of True and False Prophets

Chapter 5 Supernatural Power of Healers and Power Brokers


Chapter 6 Showdown with the Prophets of Baal in the Church

Chapter 7 Showdown with the Prophets of Baal in the World

Chapter 8 The Sound of Abundant Rain


Chapter 9 You Can Access Supernatural Power

Chapter 10 Preparing for an Increase in Power – Bill Johnson

Chapter 11 Preparing for an Increase in Authority – Mahesh Chavda


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