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Preface & Table of Contents

Shifting Shadows of Supernatural PowerPreface

The shifting shadows blurring the lines between light and darkness, good and evil, are creating a twilight zone of spiritual awareness, especially in North America. It results in confusion and apathy on one hand, or an inordinate desire for power at the other extreme. These shadows lead many to call evil “good” and good “evil” not only in society but within the walls of many churches. We must chase the shadows of confusion out of our minds.

Unless we purpose to dwell in the realms of God’s glory—His love and light—we will easily be led astray into shifting shadows of loyalty and fail to reflect His magnificent radiance. He is the light that overcomes the darkness. In Him there is no shifting shadow, no shadow of turning. The intent of this book is to reveal the realms of God’s glory and power increasing on the earth today. It is an increase that heralds the end of darkness, the end of the dark lord’s power, and the beginning of the brilliant, majestic beauty of the second coming of Christ.

This book contains interviews and excerpts from many well-known prophetic voices who call people to step out of the shifting shadows of loyalties and into a passionate pursuit of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, His glory and the power inherent in His kingdom. It is a call to take your place in the plan unfolding…a plan that heralds the close of this age.

By the end of the book, you will discover a measure of discernment about the origins of revelatory and supernatural spiritual power and the shadows of deception in the world and in the church, to equip you to receive and express the fullness of the kingdom of God. It is an unabashed attempt to move you into a greater measure of faith and power so you will stand in the fullness of awe, captivated by God’s passionate love. Then, as bearers of light, the shadows will flee before you and the showdown of the clash of powers to come at the end of the age will give way to the eternal joys of His Kingdom come.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Graham Cooke


Chapter 1 The House of Shifting Shadows

Chapter 2 Shifting Shadows of Power

Chapter 3 Revelatory Power of Psychics and Mediums

Chapter 4 Revelatory Power of True and False Prophets

Chapter 5 Supernatural Power of Healers and Power Brokers


Chapter 6 Showdown with the Prophets of Baal in the Church

Chapter 7 Showdown with the Prophets of Baal in the World

Chapter 8 The Sound of Abundant Rain


Chapter 9 You Can Access Supernatural Power

Chapter 10 Preparing for an Increase in Power – Bill Johnson

Chapter 11 Preparing for an Increase in Authority – Mahesh Chavda


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