Monday, June 19, 2006

Shifting Shadows of Complacency

[The following is an excerpt from the book Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power.]

As we move into the close of this age and a coming showdown between counterfeit power brokers and God’s power brokers on a mass scale, complacency endangers the outcome for many. Demonstrations of God’s authentic power can only come from a heart that is wholly surrendered to Him, confident in His compassion and ability to heal.

Complacency is an erosion of faith, the remnants of a bonfire of passion that dwindled to mere embers of desire. It is a controlled, passionless relationship with the Father of Life. Complacency is the ultimate victory of satan’s scheme against all Christians. It means that you have shifted your gaze off of the Lord and pulled the shadows of past doubt and despair, woundings and failures, like a blanket over your head. Rather than taking refuge in the presence of the King, you have colluded with the enemy’s desire to draw you into his realm of passion—that of robbing you of the fullness of life, the abundant life the Father of Life has promised.

Elijah’s task was to call the people of God out of their complacency. That was part of the reason for the showdown at Mt. Carmel. And as soon as they stepped out of that place of colluding with the dark powers of their age, they turned and fought against the darkness. The prophets of Baal lay slain on the battlefield at the hands of God’s people. The principalities and powers of this age have already been overcome by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are condemned to victory. And each one has a specific invitation to join in the work of the Father, to inherit the Kingdom, and to slay the powers of darkness around us. But first, we must step out of the shifting shadows of complacency and back toward the bonfire of God’s love. Authentic marks of the power of God are rooted in His love. All other counterfeit power pales in comparison.


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