Friday, July 21, 2006

Supernatural Power is Here!!!

A storm brews as the converging prophetic and healing movements stir up the power of God and evil shifts its shadows of confusion over many. Signs and wonders increase throughout the world. But is it all God’s power? What are the marks of power that come from God, from the demonic and that which originates in your own soul? Read my upcoming book Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power and discover the answers to the questions and controversies of our mystical era.

In this book, the voices of veteran prophets and healers release discernment and insights to the coming storm – a showdown with the modern prophets of Baal – in the Church and in the world. Such ministers as Randy Clark, Todd Bentley, John Paul Jackson, David Hogan, Heidi and Roland Baker, Lief Hetland, John Sandford, Rick Joyner, Stacey Campbell, Jill Austin, Dr. Bill Hamon, Derek Prince, Bobby Conner and others offer tips for discerning the origins of supernatural power expressed through individuals today and mentoring on how to move in the authentic anointing of God.

Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power is available now and can be ordered directly from the author. Mahesh Chavda and Bill Johnson - both power brokers of the Holy Spirit - have contributed chapters to this book. Graham Cooke, contemporary prophet and church consultant/strategist, wrote one of the most intriguing forwards I have ever read.

I am a veteran journalist and professional counselor who reaches deep into the revelation of others and my understanding of the power of the psyche as I write. It is my hope that this book will bring discernment as to the marks of power that come from God, the enemy or ourselves. Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power is the first book in the Shifting Shadows series. The second book, Shifting Shadows of Spiritual Experiences, by Julia Loren and Jim Goll, will soon follow.


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